Active School Week

Active Schools Week took place from 18th – 24th May 2018. During this week the children were active for as much of the week as possible. A timetable was set out for the week. Several initiatives were encouraged in the classroom as well as outdoor activities.

THE MET Trainer discussed Mind, Eating, Training with the children and did exercises
Hurling skills. A county hurler on teaching practice in the school did sessions with each class.
Gary Cooney
Zumba sessions took place to introduce this to the children.
A rugby coach taught skills to the children.
A whole school walk in the woods. The parents and wider community were invited on this.
Badminton – each class got a session of this fro a member of the local club.
Whole school dance of the Macarena led by boys in 6th class.
Run Munster – by each class on a daily basis.
Movement breaks in class.

Initiatives that were encouraged and engaged in:
• Talking while you are walking
• Gonoodle/Bizzy Breaks in class each day
• Each class does their running challenge daily
• Physical activity rewards in place of sweets
• Teachers to wear tracksuits for active schools week!
• Give physical activity homework during Active schools week
• Teach the children the Macarena – this is on YouTube and GoNoodle
• DEAD – Drop everything and Dance

Following Active Schools Week, the committee surveyed every child in the school to see which activity was the favourite. ZUmba was the winner! We are hoping to get a Zumba teacher in again next year as a result of this.